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How To Download Audio From YouTube Videos Directly On Your Phone High Quality

YouTube is a go-to application for almost all kinds of videos and audio, from Vlogs, music, how-to videos, and more. Sometimes you're more interested in a video's audio instead of the motion pictures. That's when you need to learn how to download audio from YouTube.

How To Download Audio From YouTube Videos Directly On Your Phone

If you use an Apple device, this guide will help learn how to download audio from YouTube, Mac and Windows. It also highlights the Parallels Toolbox and why it's an excellent choice when you need to download an audio file from YouTube.

There are many ways you can download audio on YouTube Mac. On the other hand, Windows users can also leverage online tools to download their favorite YouTube audio. Below, we've provided instructions on how to download audio from YouTube on Windows and Mac.

Computer users wishing to learn how to download audio from YouTube on Mac for free must first have the iTube HD Video Downloader. You can download it from the iSkysoft website. Once the download is complete, launch it to start downloading YouTube audio. Here are the steps to follow when extracting the audio from YouTube:

There is no doubt that you can legally download your own personal YouTube videos, public domain videos, and non-copyrighted videos. But you can't legally download copyrighted videos without the owner's permission.

YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their site. You need to use a third-party service, install software, or get a YouTube subscription service to download a YouTube video. Below are our recommendations for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer.

Do you use YouTube to listen to music? YouTube Music exists, but it costs money. If you want to save your YouTube videos as audio files, certain websites and software will strip out the music tracks and convert them into MP3 files, which you can save to your computer and listen to offline.

If you simply want to download YouTube videos, we have a guide for that, but here we'll focus on the task of downloading them as audio files. This way you don't have to worry about skipping those annoying ads when you're just trying to listen to music.

Before diving in, let's get one thorny issue out of the way: Is this type of conversion and download legal? That depends on the video. You can certainly convert and download your own personal YouTube videos, as well as public domain and non-copyrighted videos.

You can find this kind of content by searching YouTube for "public domain" and "non-copyrighted" content or filtering your search to include videos with music licensed by Creative Commons(Opens in a new window). Otherwise, you can't legally convert and download copyrighted videos without the owner's permission.

As a word of warning, a spokesperson for Google had this to say: "Our Terms of Service(Opens in a new window) prohibit the downloading or copying of videos on YouTube without explicit consent from the copyright holder. Once notified of an infringing tool or service that allows the downloading of a YouTube video without permission from the content owner, we take appropriate action."

After the conversion, a mini audio player appears. You can listen to the audio by clicking the Play button. To download the file to your computer, click the three-dot icon and select Download. The only glitch here is that the player and download function work fine in Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but not in Firefox.

You can even convert and download multiple videos at once. After the file is added to your computer, right-click on it in the program and select Locate Saved File. File Explorer or Finder appears with the audio ready for you to play.

With YouTube Music for iOS(Opens in a new window) and Android(Opens in a new window), you can browse and search for music from different artists, albums, and genres on YouTube. Select your favorite artists, and the app spins up a playlist of recommended channels; popular videos are served up through a video hotlist. The app keeps track of the music and channels you access so you can easily return to them. And you can create your own library of favorite music.

It is easy to download YouTube videos straight to your Android device using some tools and apps. But what about if you want to download the YouTube videos and save them into MP3 music format without paying money to third-party softwares and applications.

As we all know, YouTube is one of the largest video hosting and sharing platforms, allowing us to watch videos on our Android phones and PC. However, if you want to download music from YouTube to your Android smartphone, you may not get an option. And also, on Android phones, YouTube doesn't allow playing video and music in the background.

YouMP34 app fulfills your need to download YouTube videos or music into MP3 or MP4 format. It is a free app for Android phones that lets you easily download YouTube videos and music to MP3 music files.

YTD Video Downloader application allows downloading videos and music straight from YouTube to your Android phone. Download the YTD video downloader APK file and install it on your Android. Once the installation gets successful, launch the app and click on the download tab.

FLVTO is a website that converts streaming videos online and allows them downloading. Users can convert videos from more than 1000 different websites, including popular sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Before downloading and installing the VidPaw app on your Android phone, make sure your phone's setting is enabled to install the app from a third-party source (other than Google Play Store). To know more about how to enable installation app from a third-party, look at the article on how to install APK on Android.

You can also download music from YouTube to your personal computer easily. It doesn't require installing any third-party tools or applications to your PC. Navigate to VidPaw YouTube to MP3 converter and follow the below steps:

If you are using an iPhone or iPad instead of an Android phone, you can download an audio file from YouTube similar to downloading audio from YouTube on a PC. However, it is slightly complex as compared to downloading audio/video from YouTube to PC. Follow the below steps:

SnapTube is a simple and convenient app to download YouTube videos to MP3 on an Android phone. You can play your downloaded music anytime, anywhere later, without an internet connection. The videos are categorized into different sections in this app, including popular videos, most viewed, and daily recommendations. Download and install the SnapTube app (APK) from here.

You can search your video by entering the name of the song or artist in the search bar to search for them. Once you find your resultant video, you can play it or download it straight to your Android phone. There is also an option to select the different quality of your download video and music file.

With the help of Syncios YouTube Downloader, you can download all your preferred videos anytime, straight to your Android phone or tablet. The application's excellent features are that it contains an intelligent searching mode that helps to find videos and music you want.

Using this platform, downloading YouTube videos is simple with only a few clicks. You can store any video from YouTube to your Android phone for offline viewing. It also allows converting videos to MP3 files that you can save on your playlist.

If you are a YouTube Premium user, you can benefit a lot from it. For example, you can watch ad-free YouTube videos, play YouTube videos in the background, download YouTube videos, watch YouTube Originals at no extra cost, and more.

MiniTool uTube Downloader is worth trying. It is a free YouTube video downloader. You can directly use this software to search for the videos you want to download and then download them to MP3, MP4, WAV, and WebM with high resolutions.

The third-party YouTube video downloader always keeps up-to-date to fix bugs in it. If you are not using the latest version, you can easily encounter errors that prevent you from downloading YouTube videos. So, you need to check for update in the tool and update it if needed.

The best video editor for successful YouTubers - Wondershare Filmora, not only allows you to cut, crop, rotate, reverse videos, but also offers your advanced features like PIP, Green Screen, or audio mixing. What's more, you can find lots of effects on Fashion, gaming, education, tutorial, sports, etc.

Simply hit on the video camera button, record the clip and the app will upload your recording to your YouTube channel on the background. It also makes it possible to select existing videos from your SD card and upload them directly to your channel.

Although Lenovo Smart Displays are classified as Google Home-enabled devices and can play audio from external Bluetooth sources (smartphones/PCs), they can't act as a source to play YouTube audio on an external Bluetooth speaker.

By India Today Web Desk: After the emergence of YouTube, we are no more in the habit of downloading videos. But sometimes we are so much fascinated by some videos that we prefer downloading it so that we can watch it again and again without any internet connection. Have you ever thought of downloading a video from YouTube?

Add Office 365 files. You can embed enterprise Office365 files directly into your content. Select Share in your Office365 file to create a link to the file. Choose which permissions you want the user to have and select Copy Link. This copies the link to your clipboard. To embed the content, select Insert/Edit Media from Web from the editor. Paste the link in Media URL.Select Insert.

Merge YouTube videos in your browser with just a few clicks. Copy and paste the links of the YouTube videos you want to join in our YouTube video combiner, order them however you like and then publish them back to YouTube or download them on your computer.

With our YouTube video combiner you can take your videos to the next level by adding transitions between videos. Choose from over 50 transitions to make your videos look professional and make them more engaging.


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