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The fitness rebellion for everyBODY


Working out shouldn't be about getting over what you have eaten or drunk at the weekend, right?! It should be all about fun, health and loving that body!

Ultimately, if you dont enjoy it, why do it?!

Our Bod Mother is highly skilled and experienced in the exercise science and fitness field and makes sure your classes work for your brain and body, keep you happy and most of all, get proven results that work for YOU!


After 10 wonderful years in Scotland owning and operating fitness studios and gyms, why not replicate what we had there but this time, in New Zealand!.


You name it, we got it! Bootcamps (we fondly call BODcamps), Sweat + Tone,  classic easy to follow Aerobics and of course, Baby Bod Mother, our mums and bubs sister brand!

Personal training and small group training are also on offer!

The best thing about The Bod Mother, is you take people as you find them - I felt so welcomed - and you accept all shapes and sizes! You take people from where they're at and inspire them to healthy living! It's fun, inclusive, encouraging and personal! You are different from any other fitness establishment because I've never felt embarrassed coming!

Miss P



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