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Be You

From an early age, women have an image of the “ideal” female body. What that ideal is, differs. One thing remains the same, failure to measure up.

People often ask me why I set up The Bod Mother and to be honest, I can’t give a definitive answer. There were however, so many aspects to physical and mental health that I noticed were being ignored and the reason I noticed them? Me. I didn’t fit in or feel comfortable at any gym or studio I attended and the reason why? I felt too big, too unfit and like I wasn’t ‘cool enough’. In reality, I was underweight, I was super fit (but unhealthy) and I was me, wearing my baggy Nike t-shirt without a scrap of makeup on.

The unrealistic expectation is too much and it’s dangerous. When we try and pursue unrealistic goals, anxiety increases and the effort to be ‘perfect’ adds to the other stresses of life! It’s crazy what we put ourselves through when you really think about it!

Getting in shape should be about wanting to live a healthy lifestyle not about what is ‘socially acceptable’. Women should want to improve their health, get fit and look amazing but getting to that place needs to be something you want to do for yourselves, not others.

Finding somewhere that suits you is probably the hardest thing. So many attractive financial options, so many bright lights and so many people that “lost 16lbs in a week”. What you really need to look for is somewhere you feel comfortable in and somewhere that accepts you for you and that in itself isn’t easy.

Tearing yourself away from the norm and trusting somewhere new is hard but I think the key here is…

Look for somewhere that looks after YOUR FITNESS AND WELLNESS not their pockets or before and after shots.

This place should be a:

A happy place that suits you. If it’s your happy, place, it will certainly be the happy place of others.

A place that allows you to be you

A place that helps you slowly and safely change your mindset. Airbrush is not a natural body type and quick fixes are not long term.

A place where you help each other. It’s simple. (We are pretty bloody awesome and if we are not told this, we feel we don’t fit in)

A place that you leave feeling comfortable, energized and wanting more.

Have a look around, do your research, ask questions and don’t get sucked into another quick fix tale.

With love, Your Bod Mother x

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