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Zubie Best Buy

Thanks to Google Maps integration, you can see live traffic data by clicking the "layers" icon in the corner of the map. When it comes to monitoring your drivers out in the field, this can be a real game changer. If you notice that one of your drivers is running late, you can check the traffic information to help you find out what the holdup is. If you are in contact with the driver, then you could even use this information to suggest an alternate route. Through the Layers menu, you can add and save places on the map. Looking at the drivers in our demo fleet was very easy, and all pages and windows loaded quickly. In addition, the map features are among the best we've seen in a fleet management tool.

zubie best buy


This is all very easy to use, and being able to access such detailed driver information so quickly is one of the platform's greatest strengths. The ability to export the leaderboard and trips to a CSV file is an added plus as well. If you're managing a lot of drivers and vehicles at once, being able to glance at these numbers can help you spot inefficiencies in your fleet and remedy problems quickly. You can also use this data to fuel your human resources (HR) management efforts as Zubie will make it easy to find your best drivers.

First mentioned in our best gifts for car guys post, the Zubie is focused on new driver training. Safe driving monitoring includes alerts for excessive speed compared to posted limits, hard braking and acceleration, and, of course, real-time GPS tracking.

Competitive with the Spy Tec and Optimus trackers, this is one of the best hidden GPS tracker options. Where as the OBD-style models plug into your car, this one can be affixed to the outside with the help of a magnetic waterproof case for discreet tracking. The battery life on this newer version is up to 14 days of tracking the expected parameters: movement and stopping, speeding, entering or leaving zones, and tampering such as the front button being pressed or being powered off. Naturally, a low battery alert is also available.

Like the Automatic, this offering from MasTrack bakes the first year of service into the intial purchase price. While you can buy just the device on its own, your best bet is going with either this price, the basic service offering, or the premium version at $269. The basic service plan competes with the CarLock on this list and is aimed at anti-theft activties, racking ignition events for an unlimited history. The premium service offers one minute interval real time vehicle location reporting, unlimited alerts, and roadside assistance.

The point of these really isn't to spy on your teenaged driver, but to help train them to be the best operators they can. Valuable insight can be gained from how they drove on a certain stretch of road that will make them into more aware, better prepared drivers, which will help them avoid accidents in the future. 041b061a72


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