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[PATCHED] Crack No Cd Vampire The Masquerade Redemption 1.1

the game is littered with little nuggets of information which may or may not count for something later. christof has a ring given to him by his mother, who she was named after. she is a vampire hunter. she died before christof was born. he has known all along that he is a vampire, but that did not affect his humanity or the fact that he went to school and lived amongst people. he also learned as a child that his mother was a vampire hunter and that he was part of a coterie dedicated to hunting them. there is a second chapter where he discovers that his mother knew the vampire in the dacha, but didn't kill him. his mother realised that if she were in a position to confront the vampire, he would kill her and all the other hunters. his mother turned him to the huntress and left him. this was after she killed the hunter, but before she hunted her own kind and fled from the vampire court. she left him with a coterie of other hunters who taught him that a coterie was a group of people sworn to each other, not that they were friends or family. his mother left him with a possibility of making a new life with a hunter who was the daughter of one of her own coterie members, but she did not tell him that the hunter's name was lily. it turns out that christof's mother and the hunter he caught at the beginning of the story are family. the hunter may be part of his family and lily the daughter of a friend (or enemy, for all we know). she became a hunter when the older members of her family died.

crack no cd vampire the masquerade redemption 1.1

the nuggets count and they help us later on. the game is set in a time when vampires are real - it's our world in the year about 1800. this means that the standard set of transylvanian clans are real, and so are the social relationships that exist between them and to other clans. the only vampires to date that we know of are those with the nosferatu and tremere coteries. a few others may exist - arisphinx and their breed, for example, who are heavily implied to be true vampires in the game. there is also a witcher amongst them in certain areas.


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