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Finale 2012 Essential Training Torrent

The episode opens with April recounting the events that happened in the finale of season two (which resulted in losing Splinter, Leo being badly injured and losing to the Kraang who invaded and took over New York City). They then arrive at April's old family home in the country at a farmhouse and take refuge there. They then take an unconscious Leo to the bathroom and place him in the bathtub that they fill with water so he can stay hydrated and recover. While there, she continues training with the others and tries to keep the gang together (even though she misses the city, her dad and Splinter). It is also shown that she is a great artist as she draws pictures in her journal as well as writes and narrates the events that have happened in the last few months at the farmhouse. One day, during one of their training sessions outside, April trains with the Turtles and manages to take down Raph by punching him in the face and knocking him out (while mentioning that she's almost a fully-trained Kunoichi). The Turtles then admit that they miss Splinter and that Leo may never wake up as well as the fact that their meant to live in the sewers, not the countryside. The gang then chill down and decide to watch Mikey's new favorite TV show Crognard The Barbarian. Suddenly, Raph (who goes check on his brother) calls everyone to come upstairs where they find a conscious Leo in the bathtub. They then take him downstairs and April serves him tea and biscuits as they tell him the events the events that have occurred and Donnie examines him. Later in the evening, (After Raph and Leo's unsuccessful workout and Leo's mishap with the Mutagen medicine), she chats with the others about Splinter being dead or not while Mikey tries to watch TV when suddenly the power goes out. The fireplace and flashlight die out after as well. They then begin to call out for Raph (who went out into the woods to get wood for the firewood but was attacked by the creature). They then split up into teams (with April going with Casey which disappoints Donnie) and go looking for him in the woods. While they search, Casey brings up the fact that after they left New York he noticed that her attitude towards him had changed, she became distant to him, even cold. But before she can answer, she senses that someone, or something, is watching them. She then hears Donnie (who was teamed up with Mikey and found a shack where they were attacked by the creature's vine-like traps) scream. She then turns around and sees that Casey has disappeared as well. She continues to walk when suddenly she sees the creature who has a pitchfork and is attacking Casey. She then attacks it. They both fight it off. The creature then chases her through the woods after it takes Casey out. She then screams at Leo for help (as she's almost back at the farmhouse) when suddenly a vine comes out of nowhere and grabs her by the heel. It then drags her back into the woods as Leo tries to run toward her to save her (which forces him to go alone into the woods to save them all himself). The creature then takes her and everyone else (who are all tied up) back to the shack. She and the gang are then freed by Leo after he managed to lure the creature out and defeated it. The creature (who Mikey has now dubbed Creep) then returns and after a short battle (which results in Leo pinning it to a tree with the pitchfork while the others play a game of keep away as the creature is after the mutagen medicine), April and Casey tie it up to the tree in chains. Later in Donnie's lab, she and the team are all there (including Raph who wakes up and is informed about the incident with the creature who absorbed all of mutagen from his body that Donnie has returned to his body without any infection and that the creature has turned into goop and has been placed into a jar). They also explain that Leo stayed up all night and never left his side. Leo then states that after he heals they can head back to New York.

finale 2012 essential training torrent



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