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First Class Free

Doing something new can have its challenges, I get that after moving half the world away and starting up a new business!

The fitness world can be brutal and it can be easy to think that you wont/don't fit in, but not at The Bod Mother, it is in-fact the exact opposite! I am here for every single one of you and believe me, you all FIT in.

The support I have gained so far has been nothing short of incredible and it's made me think, how I can support you all a little more.

Therefore, your first class will be free! Come and see what The Bod Mother is all about! You choose the day, the time and mail me at to book in! All classes available are on the Book Online page of the website.

I'm so very excited to spread the fitness love in Auckland just like I did back home!

The Bod Mother x

(image from one of my Scottish branches)

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