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Single All The Way

Peter, a social media strategist living in Los Angeles, is tired of his entire family asking him about his single status each year when he visits them for the holidays. He is excited to bring his new boyfriend Tim to New Hampshire to meet them, until he finds out that Tim is married when Tim's wife hires Peter's best friend and roommate Nick as a freelance handyman. Devastated, Peter convinces Nick to travel to New Hampshire with him and pretend that they are dating. Before they can announce their fake relationship, Peter's mother Carole tells him that she has arranged a blind date between Peter and her spinning instructor James. Peter reluctantly agrees with encouragement from Carole and Nick.

Single All the Way

Written by Chad Hodge and directed by Michael Mayer (27 Dresses), Single All the Way, which airs Dec. 2, casts Chambers alongside LGBTQ actors Michael Urie and Luke Macfarlane, and veteran comic actors Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Coolidge. Chambers plays Nick, who pretends to be in a relationship with his best friend, Peter (Urie), who doesn't want to show up single, again, to his family's holiday get-together. But then Nick has to figure out what his true feelings are for his best friend when Peter's mom (Najimy) sets her son up on a blind date with her dashing trainer (Macfarlane). Coolidge stars as Peter's aunt.

Netflix: Peter is perpetually single, much to the disappointment of his meddling family. So Peter hatches a plan to bring his best friend, Nick, home for the holidays to pose as his boyfriend. But is it all really just an act?

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Now, there's a new movie for everyone to look forward to in 2021. Netflix's Single All the Way is about a gay man who convinces his best friend to pretend to be his boyfriend over the holidays in order to get his family to stop judging him for being single. But a blind date set up by his mom throws a major hitch in the scheme. Here's what else we know about it:

Peter (Michael Urie) is a social media manager from Los Angeles who's dreading being the only single member of his family when he goes back home for Christmas, especially since his family has a general lack of boundaries and a great propensity for shipping. He convinces his best friend and roommate Nick (Philemon Chambers) to come with him and pretend to be his boyfriend, since his family already thinks they should be together.

Single All the Way may stand out with its LGBTQ leads but it is still undeniably a cheesy bog-standard Hallmark Christmas film. Peter (Michael Urie) is heading home from LA to his family in New Hampshire, bringing along his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pretend to be his boyfriend in order to avoid the constant single-shaming from his family. And like every fanfiction ever written they discover they actually were in love with each other all along.

Forever single Peter is happy to finally take home a boyfriend to meet his family over Christmas. But his plans fall apart when Peter discovers that his new partner is married to a woman. Not wanting to disappoint his family, Peter asks his best friend, Nick, to join him for Christmas and pretend to be his boyfriend.

Peter rushes off to find Nick and catches up with him. Nick tells him that he has made arrangements for Peter to move back with his family to New Hampshire and start his dream job here. But Peter confesses to Nick that he wants to be with him. Single All The Way ends with Peter, the forever single, finding his one true love.

The story will center around a chronically single man named Peter (Urie) as he prepares to head home for yet another holiday season filled with questions from his family about why he is still a bachelor. In an attempt to thwart his family's constant pressure, Peter hatches a plan and asks his best friend and roommate, Nick (Chambers), to take the trip back home and fake being in a relationship with him. After some convincing, Nick agrees and accompanies Peter home for the holidays. 041b061a72


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