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The Challenge YIFY =LINK=

"Deepsea Challenge Review" In this epic documentary, James Cameron takes to the sea in the name of science. James Cameron is known for his work in hit movies such as Avatar, Titanic, and Terminator. In this documentary James Cameron has pulled together an elite group of engineers that share one common goal to reach the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana trench in a submarine.The documentary "Deepsea Challenge" shows the challenges James Cameron and his team of engineers had to endure while trying to build a submarine way ahead of its time. They had to consider pressure, lack of light and many other challenges while building the submersible. Deepsea challenge focuses on the ocean and how tectonic plates have completely altered the face of the earth. The Mariana Trench, the trench they visit in the documentary was formed by subduction, which occurs when one tectonic plate goes under another. I liked how safety was always their first priority. They did multiple test dives at different depths so that if there was any problems with the submarine they could fix it before the actual dive. I also enjoyed how they named the animals they saw in the test dives such as the angler-fish. It was also nice that they explained how the Mariana trench was formed.I learned from this documentary that with enough time and enough determination that you can do things that the average person can not. If your life goal is to reach the bottom of the ocean then you can. I believe that other people will also learned the same thing from this documentary. I believe that adults that are interested in ocean exploration or any type of exploration will find this documentary enjoyable. I would not recommend this documentary to younger children because they tend to have a shorter attention span and this movie has its fair share of long and boring moments. Ricky Kyle is a student at Porterville High School. Ricky's hobbies include knitting, picking wild flowers, and last but definitely not least Lacrosse. Ricky's long term goal is to resurrect his goldfish named Sparky, who he lost at the age of 6.

The Challenge YIFY

Dylan Shoenfield (Sarah Hyland) is the popular girl. She's the queen bee in Mean Girls. However she faces a challenge from an up-and-comer for her title. Josh Rosen (Matt Prokop) is a film geek. He is desperate for a subject for an upcoming contest. Then he comes up with an idea to shoot a documentary about Dylan and her campaign for the crown. Dylan agrees because she figures that it will be nothing but praises of her beautiful life. Then things happen to change everything.This is a standard overly broad Disney fare. But Sarah Hyland is proving herself to be a good little actress. She is the center and the highlight of this movie. She's able to play the mean girl with likability. The guy isn't quite as good.

Stuck for a new challenge, the owner of a run-down funhouse invites a group of teens to play a game based on a dangerous new internet challenge, only to realize the inherent danger they've released is out to kill them one-by-one and must escape from the attraction.This here wasn't all that bad of an effort. One of the better features here is where this one goes into a rather detailed and specific backstory for the game, which comes across rather well here. Basing their haunted attraction around the striking of the internet story is the kind of incident that would be exploited in the kind of manner found here where it's so slapdash and slipshod that the story he tells is flawed and full of holes yet still has a somewhat creepy setup that is somewhat plausible in this situation. Once that occurs, this one really picks up nicely with the action of the game really helping this one get a much stronger pace with the opening set-up in the dorm where the rather freaky action against the group inside giving this a great opening. Even the demonic ambushes against them while inside aren't so bad, as the high-energy scenes around the different parts of the house where it stalks the different workers gives this some creepy moments, and once they go looking for the owners it's filled with some solid suspenseful stalking scenes, from the swirling tunnels to the meat-locker filled with bodies they have to navigate through, while the sequences trapped inside the twisting maze give this some really creepy moments where the ghosts go on the offensive and start playing with the group. These here really help this one to overcome its flaws although there are a few problems here. The main issue is the low- budget nature of this one, where there's very little about this one that enhances the overall storyline here because the effects are so weak. The main spirit is a wisp of CGI that barely interacts with anything, the set looks cramped in and so slipshod that it makes for a weak setting and it all looks distractingly low-budget on the whole. The other issue here is that the overall storyline makes no sense, for there's nothing here about the game or what it means and why the demons are targeting the group which really tends to make the film rather trying at times with so many hard to follow tangents that don't really make this one all that easy to understand. The other big flaw here is the fact that there are plenty of useless inserts that don't serve the plot, from the interludes of the older couple at the location unaware of their plight which doesn't matter much to the scenes of the trapped group or the scenes of the other workers simply waiting around for their cues which are just completely unneeded here. These here are what hold this one back.Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

I noticed that all the reviewers liked this movie--and some absolutely adored it. I guess I'll be the dissenting voice, as I thought that a movie that tries so hard to be weird and incomprehensible is not worth my trouble. After all, several admitted that the narrative made little sense and the movie needed to be seen repeatedly in order to fully understand it. I say "why bother". If I cannot understand a movie and am confused by it, my first instinct is NOT to see it again! In many ways, this film looks almost as if Jean-Luc Godard took drugs, went to Japan and made a film. And if you like this sort of bizarre fare, then by all means watch it. I just want a film that makes some sense! The film is about an assassin who looks like a giant hamster because of his freakish looking cheeks (Jô Shishido--who actually paid to have plastic surgery to give his this look). He is somehow considered the #3 assassin in Japan, though I didn't realize that there was any sort of a ranking organization (maybe this is like the BCI and American college football). He wants to be #1 and much of the film shows him on various assignments killing people. Some of this is pretty neat and stylish, some of this is just strange. When he's not out killing people to improve his standings, he's at home have very, very intense and super-athletic sex with his wife.A pretty young Japanese lady with a big nose hires Mr. #3 to do an almost impossible assassination. When it fails, the film gets really goofy, as first his wife tries to kill him, then the big-nosed lady does. None of this has any sort of a linear or comprehensible narrative and you wonder if the film makers were on crack or schizophrenic.Throughout the film there are lots of bizarre fetish-like flourishes. There are lots of small dead birds--and they keep appearing throughout the film. One even has a needle through its neck. I sure felt sorry for the creatures--why killing them was necessary, I don't know. Also, Mr. #3 also had a weird fetish for the smell of boiling rice.Later, the wife returns and wonders why Mr. #3 is upset that she tried to kill her. All is apparently forgiven--that is until he knocks her down and urinates on her (at least that APPEARS to be what he's doing). She then spills the beans about some dumb plot and begins to cry in a very annoying fashion (I wanted to kill her at this point). Moments later, her clothes are off and she's begging him to do her--at which point he blows her away (I mean he kills her) and you see her head in the toilet. Nothing like a good romance, huh?! Even later, Mr. #3 finds the big-nosed lady dead along with film showing how she died. I think it's supposed to be touching and Mr. #3 cried a lot--though I had absolutely no idea why. Didn't she try to kill him ten minutes earlier?! At this point, Mr. #3 gets a call from what might be Mr. #1. He issues him a challenge and somehow Mr. #3 manages to kill everyone waiting for him at some place near the harbor. But, Mr. #1 is not there! Mr. #1 then phones to say he IS Mr. #1 and will one day kill him.The rest of the film consists of the two men trying to kill each other--as Mr. #1 calls to taunt Mr. #3 periodically. This test of wills seems to go on for days--during which 3 does a lot of mindless things that I won't even bother to describe. Eventually, Mr. #1 comes for a social call and the two of them sleep together (no sex, mind you). In the next scene, Mr. #3 is so worried about letting down his guard that he pees himself rather than take a bathroom break. No THAT'S dedication. During this long absurdist sleepover that never seems to end, the viewer is left wondering what the crap is happening. All you know is #1 and 3 could kill each other but mostly just sit around staring in space. In fact, the entire last third of the movie is just this nonsense.Eventually, Mr. #1 and #3 get around to FINALLY trying to actually kill each other--during which time Mr. #3 sweats like a hog. Thankfully, once the deed is done, the movie mercifully ends. And I have seldom been this happy to see a movie end!!! Overall, this is the lamest excuse for entertainment. The film is incomprehensible, has ridiculous characters and leads me to wonder why they made such a film? After all, 'normals' certainly won't enjoy it and it seems like it was only made for the select elite--those who "get it". Heck, haven't any of you heard the story about the Emperor's new clothes?! The only reason I give this a 2 and not a 1 is because a few of the killings were kind of cool AND it had a happy ending (because it finally ended).By the way, this film has lots and lots of nudity. However, the Japanese convention was not to show pubic hair, so all full frontal shots have the naughty regions mysteriously covered. Regardless, it's not a film you want to show to your mother! 041b061a72


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