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Buy Dolphins Season Tickets

NFL tickets at Hard Rock Stadium for the upcoming game are starting as low as $2375.00 for upper-level seats. Typically, discount tickets will be available. Seats located in the lower levels and near the 50-yard line will be priced higher. 2023 Miami Dolphins Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) tickets are going for prices as high as $2375.00 for the best available seats including club level and VIP options. View the notes for premium seating. A single ticket to this football game currently has an average price of around $2375.00.

buy dolphins season tickets

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2023 Miami Dolphins Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) tickets for this NFL game are still available and on sale now! There are 8 tickets currently listed on TicketSmarter for the 2023 Miami Dolphins Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) football game.

Season tickets are the best way for football die-hards to take in as much live football action as possible each year, as they guarantee entry to two preseason contests and seven or eight regular season games.

Fans that are interested in purchasing Miami Dolphins tickets can put down a deposit for the 2020 season. By putting down a deposit, you get first priority to select your tickets for the upcoming campaign.

The Miami Dolphins have not publicly released their season ticket prices since before the 2015 season. However, the team has one of the most affordable average ticket prices in the National Football League at $84.51 per seat according to Statista.

Unlike a growing number of sports teams throughout the United States, the Miami Dolphins do not currently use personal seat licenses, which means that you do not need to pay a one-time fee per seat for the right to own season tickets.

The Miami Dolphins are informing some of their season ticket holders they will not be allowed to renew their memberships for 2016 because those fans re-sold a majority of their tickets on secondary markets in the past.

This is the second year the team is using this approach to weed out what it believes to be professional brokers who in the past have bought swaths of seats on a season ticket basis and re-sold them to out-of-town buyers who are typically fans of Dolphins' opponents. This year, however, the program is affecting fewer season ticket accounts but is identifying more than merely brokers.

This year the program is identifying fans that for whatever reason have decided to sell their seats rather than use them. The Dolphins want to give current season ticket members the first option to sit in those seats through the renewal process.

But the approach raises questions about how the team monitors the activities of its season ticket members and whether or not those members can do with their tickets whatever they wish because, after all, the Dolphins sold the tickets and they belong to the fans who purchased them.

Nonetheless, the team insists privately that it understand fans may sometimes resell their tickets out of choice or extenuating circumstances and it will try to work with fans flagged as having sold their seats "too often" -- a term not defined by the team.

Fans who contacted The Herald unsolicited to reveal the Dolphins' practice were not happy, with one saying his season-ticket representative seemed to point a finger at him for the Dolphins struggling.

"He actually told me that my activity was hurting the home field advantage," the season ticket member said. "My family scraped together enough money for three lower bowl season tickets four years ago and I usually sell a couple of games to offset the renewal cost. This year, we had a change of work schedule and we couldn't get to as many games as we wished so I obviously sold them. Now, they are giving us the boot.

The thing that ticked me off was that it came across like the rep was blaming season ticket holders for the home losses. If the Dolphins put a better product out on the field more home fans would go to the games. Plus, the Dolphins have no idea who is sitting in my seats or what team they are rooting for. They very well could be Dolphins fans. The thing is it was only this season where we couldn't make most of the games. For the previous years we made at least five regular season games per season. And this year they even took away one home game, which ironically, we were free to attend had it been in Miami."

"I sit in a section that is supposedly sold out on season ticket basis so I expect to sit among Dolphins fans," said another season ticket holder. "But I get to the game and look around and there's a bunch of Giants jerseys in my section. And I look around the stadium and there's a bunch of Giants fans or Cowboys fans cheering when their teams score or stops us. That's not a home field advantage. That's like a neutral field. So anything the team can do to improve the home edge, I'm fine with that.

Already this week we have seen our foundation members purchase thousands of season tickets in our pre-sale window, so it is clear the appetite for a second team in the Brisbane market to represent southern Queensland is strong.

Even with stadiums full again in 2021 after the pandemic-affected 2020 season, many NFL teams have struggled to sell tickets. But the Dolphins have been working hard at selling fans on a bright future featuring coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and receiver Tyreek Hill. Apparently fans are buying what the Dolphins are selling.

While most NFL teams choose to try to fill seats in advance (and possibly reward loyal fans) by offering discounts for package deals and season tickets, 10 teams overvalue season tickets on at least one tier, according to data from SeatGeek, an online ticket marketplace. So it's entirely possible that you could save money just by waiting and buying tickets on the secondary market.

"Buying season tickets is an investment in how you think your team is going to do that season," said Clint Cutchins, an analyst at SeatGeek. Buy season tickets if you're feeling bullish. "If you think you're in for a down year, it's probably better to hold off and buy tickets on the secondary market."

The figures are calculated by running average secondary-market ticket prices for all of a team's home games from last year and comparing to the 2015 season ticket price for that tier of seating. The four areas studied are lower level midfield and end zone; upper level midfield and end zone.

The best investment for football fans would be the lower level in midfield for the Dallas Cowboys. Fans could save $3,804 by buying season tickets for $3,400 rather than wait and pay $7,200 on the secondary market.

Of course, a team with a winning record will bring fair-weather fans out of the woodwork (Seahawks' 12th man, anyone?), which will drive up the average price of tickets on the secondary market.

Of course, SeatGeek's figures don't take into account additional benefits that season ticket holders are sometimes afforded, such as parking discounts and meet-and-greets with players. Also, many NFL stadiums have long waiting lists for season tickets or require Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) in order to purchase season tickets.

Vivid Seats has a 100% Buyer Guarantee where they will make sure your tickets are safe and secure. If you want to speak to the ticket office in person, there are box office locations near the NE entry, SE entry, and SW entry to the stadium.

As we discussed above, many fans prefer to buy tickets from the team, but because NFL games sellout so frequently, this is not always a realistic option. If the game is sold-out, there are several places online where you can purchase NFL tickets, including Vivid Seats and StubHub (among others).

Buying tickets through the Dolphins is not hard, but availability is something you will need to consider. If you hope to buy tickets on gameday from the ticket office, just be aware that tickets may be sold-out. To read more, visit our article about buying Dolphins tickets at the stadium.

Not only do they make sure you are satisfied and your transactions are secure, but they also have a very user-friendly platform. When you go to purchase tickets, they show you exactly where the seats are on the stadium map. They also give you a view from those seats.

Click here to view Miami Dolphins tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to You can also pre-purchase parking passes from Vivid Seats if you want to avoid the hassle of paying for parking at the stadium.

Just like the other secondary ticket sites we discussed above, Ticketmaster is committed to ensuring you receive real tickets and that you have access to reliable refunds in case the event is canceled.

SeatGeek is unique because it is a ticket search engine that searches through the largest tickets sites on the internet to give you an idea of what seats are available across all of those sites. This makes it much easier than you going to each site individually to compare prices.

The cost of Dolphins season tickets varies dramatically depending on the location and amount of seats you are interested in. My advice is to visit the Miami Dolphins season tickets page by clicking here.

As I mentioned above, I like to use Vivid Seats because they show me the perspective from the actual seat so I get an idea of what my view of the field will look like prior to purchase. They also have a 100% Buyer Guarantee where they will make sure your tickets are safe and secure.

Click here to view Miami Dolphins tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to If you wish to buy from the team, the process is not hard, but availability is an issue. To learn more about purchasing tickets directly from the Miami Dolphins, visit their ticket page by clicking here.

And it is also worth pointing out that this price drop as gameday approaches does not always occur (sometimes the opposite happens). According to TickPick, roughly 75% of NFL tickets decrease in price as you get closer to game day (source). 041b061a72


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