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Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen

|WORK| Download 20000 M3u8

1) Is it possible to find out what the length of the window is (time or frame-wise)? My intention is to use the playlist I have to download a live-stream starting from an earlier time.

Download 20000 m3u8

Download Zip:

2) If yes, how do I get the earlier segments, i.e., how do I specify where I want to start downloading from? I tried something like ffmpeg -ss -00:00:10 -i "in.m3u8" out.mp4, but it did not work.

You need to download the m3u8 itself, look at the entries and see if the individual TS filenames are entirely regular i.e. no signatures which vary with each entry, and the varying elements that are present can be deduced.

If so, then simply work backwards i.e. if the playlist you download has entries file_03532.ts, file_03533.ts, file_03534.ts..., then file_03529.ts, file_03530.ts, file_03531.ts.. would be the earlier entries. You can then use a download manager that lets you download a list of filenames generated using a pattern. IDM does this. There's probably others.

I am trying to download m3u8 segments from an HLS live stream with ffmpeg without writing the .ts files to disk. I intend to run opencv on the image data in real time. Here is what I have tried, but I am only able to get one segment at a time and don't know how to just keep it in memory without writing to disk. When inspecting the network requests using developer tools on the Twitch site, I see the m3u8's arriving in real time, although, these don't work in the script. I have to refresh the page and get the URL of the first request that arrives, which is a URL not ending in .m3u8 (the one i'm using in the script) 041b061a72


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